Empowering a voice, for choice, independence and inclusion.
Empowering a voice, for choice, independence and inclusion.


Empowering a voice, for choice, independence and inclusion.

A specialist residential care provider specialising in the provision of therapeutic care. Our services are bespoke to support individuals who present with complex needs stemming from neurodiversity, who may also be impacted by early childhood trauma and subsequent attachment difficulties. Our services provide for those on the autism spectrum, with intellectual disability, and/or other pervasive developmental delays.

Our integrative approach is tailored to the individuals needs and utilises positive behaviour support principles, low arousal approach to stress reduction and crisis management, equine engagements, sensory integration and a cognitive behavioural framework to therapeutically support and empower individuals to achieve the skills necessary for achieving self-regulation,  independence and social inclusion.


Our mission is to empower individuals that use our services to develop the skills necessary to engage in life in an inclusive and meaningful way. To feel a sense of security and belonging in their living environment and enjoy a life filled with opportunity and personal success.



We believe in creating a supportive and learning environment that fosters an engaging and innovative workforce. Our culture is based on accountability, respect, communication, and transparency.




As an organisation, ARCS provides person centred care where the individuals and their families are at the centre of all planning, activities and decision making.

ARCS provides this care through responsive support services such as community based residential social care services for individuals with complex needs resulting from ASD or ID diagnosis, in addition to specialised bespoke services to individuals in the community also impacted by adverse childhood experiences.

The ARCS team provide tailored resources and expertise to support and allow individuals to engage successfully in social settings and activities at their own pace, ensuring positive engagement and positive inclusion.

All services are bespoke, informed by a robust assessment process and tailored to the individual’s needs




Here at ARCS we believe in providing constant opportunities for career progression. We invest in our team and provide clear career progression and professional development paths for all team members.

Professional Development Planning

All of our staff members are encouraged to avail of our professional development plans tailored to suit their skill set.

Educational Assistance Fund

Each centre is allocated an Educational Assistance Fund which the centre team and individual staff can avail of to engage with additional external training and accredited courses.

Team Building Events & Activities

We place an emphasis on ensuring regular team building events and activities for our team. 

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