Empowering a voice, for choice, independence and inclusion.
Empowering a voice, for choice, independence and inclusion.

Our Services

Our Services


Our services are delivered by a dynamic team of health and social care professionals. All services focus on belonging, acceptance, empowering a voice for choice and opportunity for independence and inclusion. Our services are bespoke and tailored to individual needs and are delivered across a multitude of platforms.

Therapeutic Residential Care Service

Our Therapeutic Residential Services aim to create and environment that fosters a sense of belonging, acceptance, safety and unconditional positive regard. 

Individuals are supported by a team of highly skilled professionals, care is delivered through a person centre approach in order to best support individuals in  achieving their goals and developing the skills necessary to live a fulfilling inclusive life.


Tailored Outreach Supports

Our Social Inclusion Programme provides a flexible, bespoke responsive services to individuals and their families.

Individuals will be supported to attend age and interest appropriate social clubs, during this time the focus will be on using techniques to increase the quality of the individual’s social interactions and peer engagement. An example of these techniques is modelling behaviours to teach appropriate requesting, commenting and social engagement skills, the reinforcement of learning new skills is underpinned by our positive behaviour Support approach.

Early Intervention Home/Family Supports

Our services implement a low arousal approach and apply the trainings of Studio 3 in response to behaviours that present as challenging. We provide a variety of training support is available to families/ primary carers of our service users, delivered through the following options:

• 1 day introduction workshop: low arousal approaches.

• 2 day low arousal techniques and application of same.

• 1 day break-away techniques training (which can be attended following completion of 2 day training)

All training is certified by Studio 3.

Support training / workshops will be delivered on a person centred basis in line with the young person’s care plan.