Empowering a voice, for choice, independence and inclusion.
Empowering a voice, for choice, independence and inclusion.

My Journey with arcs

Rachel Connors – Social Care Worker

My Journey with ARCS – Rachel Connors

Rachel began her career with ARCS as a Full-Time Support Worker back in March this year. Since joining, Rachel has been an integral part of the team here at ARCS and has progressed to become a Social Care Worker! Learn more about Rachel’s journey with ARCS so far. 


My Story so far

I am a qualified social care worker who received my degree in 2020 from the Limerick Institute of Technology. I previously worked in the disability sector for three years while completing my degree as a full-time care worker. I was working in a high support Disability house at the beginning of the pandemic and felt it was time for a change. I loved working in the disability sector but believed I needed a change from a high support house.  

Making the decision to join ARCS

My decision to start my journey with ARCS was heavily influenced by the fact ARCS was a new sector within Daffodil Care, a bespoke service, to support individuals who present with complex needs stemming from neurodiversity, who may also be impacted by early childhood trauma and subsequent attachment difficulties. Here at ARCS, we provide tailored resources and expertise to support and allow individuals to engage successfully in social settings and activities at their own pace, ensuring positive engagement and positive inclusion.

I began my journey with ARCS as a Support Woker in March 2021, since joining I have been fully supported in my learning and development by the management team and have recently progressed to become a Full Time Social Care Worker. This progression was a result of constant learning and support from my team here at ARCS, I would say the support received from my managment team was a huge factor in successfullly progressing to become a Social Care Worker. 

Here at ARCS, every day is a new day with new challenges and more importantly, new opportunities to learn and continue my professional development. I would say my position within ARCS to date, has been extremely rewarding and I look forward to continuing to learn and progress within ARCS.  

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