Empowering a voice, for choice, independence and inclusion.
Empowering a voice, for choice, independence and inclusion.


Outreach Services:

Our Outreach services provide mobile support within the community to individuals and/ or their families.


Improve community access, quality of life and independence for individuals availing of our services.


Actively encourage the individuals participation in their community by accommodating community based activities, such as swimming, trips to the library, park or cinema etc.

Actively support social independence by modelling social skills and providing opportunities for individuals to engage socially and further develop their skills and independence.

Referral Process:

For more information on availing of our Outreach services please visit our Referral Page or email us on referrals@a-rcs.ie

Our homes are modern builds, situated in scenic rural locations with quick access to local communities and fabulous nature walks

Residential and Shared Care Services:

It is the purpose and function of ARCS to deliver services under the following headings;

Shared Care:

Aims to provide 24-hour shared care to Children both male/female with a primary Autism diagnosis, from the ages of 8-17.

We provide a high quality standard of care in a safe, homely and comfortable environment for individuals with a primary Autism Diagnosis, consistent with our Mission, Vision and Values and our service- specific statement of purpose and function.

Full-time residential

Where required A-RCS Ltd provide full-time Residential Placements for children/ young adults both male/female, with a primary Autism diagnosis, from the ages of 8-17.

Family engagement:

We at A-rcs Ltd appreciate the emotional impact Residential placement of a loved one can have on the individuals family/ carers, and as such we work from a ‘Family Centred Care’ approach to support family involvement wherever possible.

All of our homes are equipped with a ‘Family Visit’ room to encourage and support family visits to the home.

In addition Families are invited along to ‘Family Engagement Forumns’, where they , with their loved one, can have an active role in the running of the services from menu selections, to decor and activities they would like their loved one to engage with.


Sensory room – supports fun and OT requirements


Through Equine Assisted Learning and Therapeutic Riding the Equine therapist will work with each child on a one to one basis. The Equine Therapy programme will be as unique and individual as each child and sessions will be based on an initial assessment of the child’s overall needs. This will be reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure that the programme is meeting these needs and working towards specific goals.

For the children’s holistic development, Equine Therapy is most effective when both ground-based activities as well as actual riding on the horse can be implemented.

Benefits of Equine Therapy for children with Autism:

  • Develops communication
  • Improves confidence and self esteem
  • Builds muscle strength
  • Improves emotional regulation
  • Increases balance
  • Develops social skills
  • Improves coordination of fine motor skills
  • Increases self-control and upper body posture
  • Improves hand eye coordination.
  • Encourages bonding and social connection.