Empowering a voice, for choice, independence and inclusion.
Empowering a voice, for choice, independence and inclusion.

Low arousal – a wellbeing approach to managing challenging behaviour – A brief Overview

A well-being approach to managing challenging behaviour:


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Low arousal approaches were developed in the late 80s by Dr Andrew McDonnell BSc MSc PhD. A non-aversive positive psychology approach is at the core of the approach.

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Thematically the philosophy encourages us to constantly question our own behaviour when working in care settings, and how our behaviour may be impacting on the environment and those we are providing support and care to.

Low arousal approaches are research-based and have been clinically tested by Studio III Training Systems, European leaders in the field of behaviour management.

Studio III training provides the trainee with the skills they require to meet the particular needs of those we provide care and support to.

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Topics covered in the training:

  • working within the law;
  • policy development,
  • understanding the causes of challenging behaviour;
  • the use of the “Low-arousal” approaches including interaction, diffusion and distraction strategies; coping with challenging behaviours including debriefing – why it is necessary and how to do it, managing versus changing behaviours, physical avoidance skills and physical intervention strategies.

(Studio III, 2019)

ARCS Studio III Training Systems provides a non-aversive approach to challenging behaviour.

Benefits to the one we are supporting:

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The approach encourages a focus on strength building and resilience rather than repairing damage.

The approach is concerned with the pleasant life, the engaged life and the meaningful life

Gives Individuals more positive control over their lives

Focus on positive experiences and activity.

Avoids focussing on negatives.

Models positive engagement with people.

Focus on Achievement and Accomplishments


Check out more at: http://www.bild.org.uk/_resources/assets/attachment/full/0/6606.pdf



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Training can be provided to/in the following environments:

-School environments


-Group settings


If you would like to enquire about any of the above contact us on:

M: 083-3444305

E: info@a-rcs.ie


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